William Evaul
The Moorlands
11 Hughes Road
North Truro, MA 02652-0384

Educational Presentations
Lectures, Demonstrations & Workshops

Slide Lectures

The Provincetown Print: History of a Unique Woodcut Process
The artistic and socialistic roots of the genesis of the unique process of the white-line woodcut are illustrated and discussed, including its invention in Provincetown, its local development and its proliferation among artists. Contemporary aspect is included and this presentation can include a demonstration of the technique.

The History of Invention in Printmaking
This program is a comprehensive survey of 5,000 years of the variety of printmaking activity presented chronologically and traces the inventions and innovations of reproduction processes and techniques and how they were adapted by artists.

Provincetown: America's Foremost Art Colony
One hundred years of American art history are traced through the activities in and around the art colony of Provincetown, Cape Cod. Virtually all major late 19th and 20th century movements are illustrated and discussed along with the dynamics of the interrelationships of the artists who frequented this place.

William Evaul: Painter-Printmaker
With both slides and original artwork, William Evaul, a contemporary American painter-printmaker with an extensive exhibition record discusses his work, including the painterly relationship to printmaking.

Workshops & Demonstrations

White-line woodcut for Artists
Hands-on exploration of the techniques involved in producing white-line color woodcuts. From original drawing, through to the finished print all aspects are covered, including carving the block, selecting paper, use of pigments, etc. This workshop can be presented in 2 three hours sessions or expanded to a week or more.

White-line printmaking for Children
A hands-on workshop for children grades 5 and up which covers the process of making multiple images from a single block. Foam blocks are used instead of wood and both the roller painting methods are used. Designed to produce finished prints in one session.

Demonstration of the Process of the White-line Woodcut
Artist William Evaul will demonstrate the techniques involved with producing a white-line woodcut. A fairly large woodblock is used to maximize visual accessibility to groups of up to 30 or more. Usually incorporated with the slide lecture on the white-line woodcut.